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Air Conditioning Repair and Troubleshooting Tips

During the hot summer months, the last thing you need is an air conditioning breakdown. Luckily, Assured Mechanical LLC is standing by to provide knowledgeable air conditioning repair, no matter what problems your system is having. Give us a call at (609) 975-9900, and we'll get an AC repair technician out to your property right away to take a look at your unit. That said, there are a few troubleshooting measures you can take before getting in touch with Assured Mechanical LLC. 

For instance, did you know that one of the most common reasons for air conditioning complaints is improper operation? If your home or business isn't as cool as it should be, despite the AC running full blast, check that all of your doors and windows are properly sealed. Even a small crack can let that valuable cool air slip away. Another thing you can check on your own are the fuses and circuit breakers. If your air conditioner shuts down abruptly, let it rest for about five minutes and then check the circuits. If the problem is simply a tripped breaker, rather than an issue with your HVAC unit, you may have a quick fix on your hands. 

For more serious issues, such as temperature sensor problems and failure to circulate cool air, Assured Mechanical LLC is standing by. We'll get to the bottom of your issues, providing air conditioning repair that's meant to last. Stay cool this summer in Egg Harbor Township with our expert help!

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