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Try These Troubleshooting Tips Before Scheduling Furnace Repair

While it's always best to entrust furnace repairs to trained professionals, there are instances in which you can avoid having to pay an HVAC specialist to come out to your property. Before you book furnace repair with Assured Mechanical LLC, try these troubleshooting tips that might make a difference in your unit's performance: 

  • Check the thermostat—it should be set to "heat," as well as displaying the correct date and time. 
  • Check your circuit breakers. Has the breaker that powers your furnace or thermostat tripped? 
  • Ensure that the gas is on, for gas-powered systems. 
  • Change the furnace's filters. Clogged filters can cause the furnace to shut off prematurely. 
  • Clear away leaves and debris that might have accumulated near intake and exhaust vents. 

When you've taken these steps, turn the heat up a few degrees and see if your furnace kicks on. If it doesn't, you may need more comprehensive furnace repairs. That's when it's time to call Assured Mechanical LLC. We're your licensed, bonded, and insured choice for furnace repair and more in Egg Harbor Township, and we're committed to quick turnarounds and quality workmanship. Contact us at (609) 975-9900! 

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